Where Is Walter Collins?

Enough for us to judge all of this.
Is this our fault?
Because of wrong place to vote.
Where the police?
Who are they?
I am sick of them.
Today i got a summon from the police traffic.
As they said i am driving without my seat belt on.
I am using black shirt and black pant.
How they know?
Is this why it takes for a while before they want to give me the ticket?
That's the police.
Do they have the camera to catch the fish?
How about our leader?
The youth the root.
Khairy Jamaluddin.
As some said he is the owner of the company that i work with.
And my company kept on saying that we're not making any profits.
Oil and Gas industry without any profits.
Can you believe that?
That's why my friend called my company as Awan Konspirasi Sdn. Bhd.
Once you involve in politics, everything will mess up with this things.
There we travel to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
Corruption still there.
We know.
But where to move?
When the ballot paper got the serial number.
Once we chose the opposition, no one going to help us in the future.
I mean if they win the race.
So we change it all.
Don't leave another blood to spilled on the floor anymore.
This is The Real Great Depression.

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