The Freak Show

How we suppose to be?
How do we look?
That's things consider as what?
Normally we will behave like a nice ones.
But for them we look so bad.
How you set your mind?
Blind makes us wild.
Looking at a stranger make we feel unsafe.
Look at you.
It's not my fault.
Why someone must survive their own mistake?
We see it for a while.
Just point your finger.
It's your fault.
Not me.
With the moonlight getting red.
Faulty error among us.
Human creation.
We do can think the right things.
But we still want to try it out.
All the kids at home.
Who will be the father and the mother.
Home alone.
You left them alone.
Just to have fun.
Without seeing who dying next to you.
Open your eyes.
See what u can't see.

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