What Do You Think?

I see that you think 
I think that you feel 
I feel that you want 
But I hear thee not, I 

I've borrowed a dictionary 
A to Z you hear my word
I am confused piles one thousand words 
Then you pull on the sleeve 

And where you want to go 
I hang on your legs 
If you ever fall on the mouth must 
Why will not my

It's crazy how beautiful you are silent 
How your pretty little head tilt 
And so loud the whole world and me 
The cold shoulder 

Your silence is your tent 
You put it in the middle of the World 
Margin, the chords and marvel 
Mute when 
At night, a girl falls below

At your feet I'm red 
To head and neck 
I want you in deep water 
Large waves 

Throw in my blood 
The endorphins bubbles 
If behind your silent 
Rabbit eyes, the thoughts racing

Just give me a word.

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