Don't Be Humble, You're Not That Great

If there is no war, there will be no peace.
That is what are they looking for.
Hey peeps!
Give Peace A Chance.

Happy Man Will Ever Happy Like Me

Hey Man!
Are you happy enough?
Can you call it a day?
And secure your place?
Is it fair to play foul out?
A million question can be ask by others.
Can we answer all of it?
Maybe yes and maybe no.
Is this our fate.
Maybe this is our heaven.
To feel free and easy.
Enjoy our life with the power within.
Even if the time is our limit.
I need to get it straight.
I know you're trying to forget.
What i have said before thee.
He is waiting for me.
To set the fire upon us.
Now i know i'm not.
The one who will end it all.
You know that i have it.
Brighter than the sun.
And lead you all the way.
To have FUN.

This Is Not The Borneo Post

Welcome home everyone.
You'll Never Walk Alone.

Where Is Kampong Glam?

This is what i want.
It's in my soul.
It's what i need.
It's time for us.
Flipping through a thrift store magazine.
Drinking the bottle in my pocket.
I'm gonna make you notice.
That i've been driving without emotion.
Cause i'm gonna make you see.
There's nothing else here.
Stay if you want to stay.
Don't be shy away.
Making up.
Breaking up.
What do you care?
I know that i'm so special.
I got the rhythm.
I got the beat.
Where is your attention?
Give it to me.
Stay if you love me.
Like lovers do.
On your TeeVee screen.
Let's make it for a scene.
It's all i need.
It's Rock 'n' Roll for me.
Oh wake me up! Wake me up!

Confidential Conversation

We're caught in a trap.
I can't walk out.
Why can't you see?
What you're doing to me?
When you don't believe a word i say.
But i'll be back for the special ones.
As you always on my mind.
We can't go on together.
But i'll hold on to it.
And we can't build our dreams.
Without nothing at all.
An old friend of mind do come over.
Drops by to say hello.
Makes me wonder how.
Would i see the star in your eyes.
Here we go again.
When you put a little less conversation.
Asking where i have been.
Can we still survive?
Lets don't let a good thing die in your mind.
You know, You know.
That is the long and winding road for us.

I Am The Prodigal Son

Hey you!
Who are you?
Take my hand.
Let's go home.
Don't be confuse as i have been used.
And the door still open for you.
I forgive you.
We are one.

Prediction Incomplete

Proud of being someone ex?
Not for me.
I leave you because i love you.
I'm affordable but not you.
How big you can be today?
To marry someone.
Someday maybe.
Just sing a song for me tonight.
As you don't need me anymore.
Crossword is like a man and wife.
Cross it and you will win it all on your graduation day.
But not me.
I can't tell you the truth.
Because i know nothing.
How to find a new life?
No, you can't.
This is our life.
The Beatles is The Messenger.
Be Good on Friday.
All the best in your life.

Do You Understand?

It is love that i wish.
Not an empty promise.
I love the knowledge of God.
Not a worthless sacrifice.
First make peace with others.
Then come in peace to the Lord.

My Peace I Give You, In Peace I Leave You

In God alone my soul can find rest and peace.
In God my peace and joy.
Only in God soul can find its rest.
Find its rest and peace.
In your hands i commend my spirit.
By night we wasted.
In darkness to search for living water.
Only our thirst leads us onward.