Wonderful, colourful and beautiful flower.
Bloom those days.
Making new ways.
For the young ones.
Toward a mission.
That will never be complete.
Because we were born to die.
Plus extra baggage.
As i was born to love you.
Baby come back.
Back to me again.
One by one falling down.
Cursing each other.
But end up as we need each other.
To stand forever and ever.
To live forever.
To love each other.
Those were the days that we stand tall.
Taller than we can imagine right now.
To admire someone we never know before.
True lies never dies.
If it fly's, float's or fuck's, you are better off renting it.

Please Don't Wake Me Up Today

As i have a nice virus on my laptop.
Someone try to curse me.
Being so bored around here.
Looking for a star during daylight.
Where can we get it?
Goodbye to you egoism.

Hey Monday Morning

It's today.
The big day.
To get busy yea.
I know everyone hate it.
But hell yeah.
We have to.
As the circle go around.
To get into our own life.
What a mournday.

Flushing Out The Filth

This is the glorious days.
Since the day we were born.
This is not the last.
To be a cleaner.
As Beyond is back.
Live in Kuching.

Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Bin Mahmud

The Chief Minister lied to us.
He promised us a biosphere reserve.
But nothing has come of it.


Listen up.
Down the stream.
Peaceful ear.
Sweet dream.

The Life Of Brian

I wouldn't say i was the best manager in the business.
But i was in the top one to get into you.
They say Rome wasn't built in a day.
But i wasn't on that particular job.
The Trent river is lovely.
I know because i have walked on it.
You don't want roast beef and Yorkshire every night and twice on Sunday.
When i go, God's going to have to give up his favourite chair.
I think it is a sad day for England and for football.

This Is Emerica

This article is about the vespa line of scooters.
For other uses, see vespa.

Rocking All Over the World

Oh what a wonderful world.
As i wait for you to talk to me.
Don't waste your time.
To put up the space.
I am tired to wait for you.
The light shining so bright.

Don't Let Me Down

Yeah Yeah Yeah.
The bitch is back.
Don't let the sun goes down.
Oh sunny day.
How to get that fame as fast as you can?
Try it out.

I Wish I Am Dying

A naked mile.
To make me blind.
And end this world.
Make sense as full with trouble.
Noise and dirty sound.
Using the system.
To control our mind.
Lies walking with talking backward.
Stick me.

Goonies Never Say Die

Written in a church in Rome
In the basement which was 9AD
Even ancient Christians knew that Goonies Never Say Die

Meet The Stranger

Let's get ride.
Last month when i'm in Kuala Lumpur.
Around the town.
And i spot a knot.
Someone like i know for a long time ago.
And i'm still remember.
When you try to get me into you.
But i'm just not on your track.
To get along forever.
As i saw you cradle on your feet.
Seem like so happy.
To be a perfectionist.
Is not on the list.
You just look like the girl on the net.
Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snoggi.
To make the revolution.
You change it all.
To be more ultraviolet.
There you go.
When i sing a song for you.
You just can't get into it.