Football Madness

We are the champion of the world.

Losing One Follower

As i am losing my grip.
One lost and a lot more went missing.
Where can i go?
Right here.
Right now.
Love me for friend.
And love other for friendship.
The ship can floating as friends can go in one way.
Live up our life.
The heart will be with you.
As we decide what we do and not to do.
Speak it out loudly.
Once broken.
Please help me out.

A Song For Mia

Just now
I was thinking
And now
I'm wishing
For you to be my only one

And I
Feel like birdie
From all the way
But why you didn't stop me

Is this the world we should live in?
Should we proud?
It's our pride

Double Decker Bus

Double Celebration.
Happy Chinese New Year.
Selamat Hari Kekasih.
And the best part is i am working.

This Is Me

Inilah aku.
Separuh jiwaku mati.
Mengenang nasibku ini.
Akan ku ratapi.
Wajah diselilingku.
Menghiasi duniaku yang serba kekurangan.
Ada yang hidup.
Tanpa kasih sayang.
Diharapkan mereka berbahagia selalu.
Seperti aku.
Terima kasih kawan-kawanku.