Daytime Dramatic Movement

Late night.
I fall to you.
When you say nothing at all.
From down below the par.
I'm really need you now.
Luckily you will back.
Back for more.
Can't wait for it.
When you said your word.
I'm really into you.
And only you.
When the candle without wind.
Which will burn us down.
What a day.
For me and for you.
To dream of you.

The People's Free Movement

Hello World.
I have been missing a lot of stuff right here.
Put up myself into lazy mode of blogging.
But nevermind.
At least today we gonna get something new.
To talk about democrazy here in Sarawak.
Where me myself don't believe in 2 party system where today we have Barisan Nasional dan Pakatan Rakyat.
But for sure we still need our 3rd Force unit where can put up some pressure between those 2 party.
Here come Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement led by Haris Ibrahim as the President and Raja Petra Kamarudin as the Chairman.
As in Borneo we also have the 3rd Force led by Jeffrey Kitingan so called United Borneo Front.
Hopefully that they can make a good move in change to our country.
This is what happened to United States where they don't have enough voice to put down the government, whenever the government change from Democrats to the Republican, the policy of the States still the same.
As they themselves wanna play the save game.
From the 3rd force where the people can stand along.
Same goes to the NGOs here today.
They also can be called as the 3rd force.
But some of them have been tied up so can't move for the people.
Probably next i will make a move too.
The People's Free Movement for all.