We Care, We Share

Help Us To Help Others.
Who are they?
They help us a lot.
In a way as a human right fighters.
What should we do?
Just looking around?
Or to be human and support each other.
Human never change.
Promise just a promise.
No more than that.
What a big mistake.
Don't be a dancer if you can't dance.
Fight for your right.
Our right for real.
Please Stand On Your Ground.

Good Die

Konsekuensi Menegakkan Konstitusi.
Dimanakah Konsekuensi?
Dimanakah Konstitusi?
Malaysia atau Malay-saja?
We should be Malaysian Malaysia.

Read Reading Broke

A festival for family and friends.
Lunch break with those bread.
Break it up into two pieces.
Which way you go?
You see me.
Draw on your board.
Destroy the work.
Art is not about clear.
Can you see something that no one can be there.
Take it away.
The book left alone.
Where are you?
Help me.
Help me.
I claim to you.
Please be calm.
The wall to high.
As the Berlin wall ever stood still.
You will be my partner.

Red Red Hot

Bad weather.
On the ground.
Laying down.
Like those chicken.
The times just passing by.
Without seeing what on the top of our head.
Looking for sunshine that dry.
But still dark.
No shadow show.
Waiting and waiting for it.
No knows what it should be.
Is it this or that.
They go away.
They move away.
Ignore someone that ever care for them.
That ever help them.
One thing for sure.
Have they help you before.
Have they ever be with you before.
I don't know.
Maybe i am an elephant.
But who are they?
What makes it all complete.
For you to succeed with your life.
Without me.
Should i be the angel?
Or the stupid cupid?
End up like duh.
No end.
The end.

Flappy Nude Yes

Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
The Fallen.
With The Sun.
That Make The Come Back.
For More Than This.
For You Alone.
Here Come The Sun.
What A Bad Year.
Bad Yesterday.
For You And For Me.
Have A Nice Death.