To Die Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure

We accept the love we think we deserve.
It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

Jangan Jadi Macam Babi!

Aku tahu apa yang kau tahu.
Kau tahu apa yang aku tahu.
Aku mahu apa yang kau mahu.
Kau mahu apa yang aku mahu.
Apa kau tahu?
Apa kau mahu?
Aku tahu.
Aku mahu.

Pelayaran Jiwa Hamba

Jika anda inginkan sesuatu dengan sepenuh hati, di sinilah di mana mimpi dan khayalan boleh menjadi kenyataan.
Selagi hidup berjiwa hamba, pasti tetap dijajah abadi.
Hidup bukan untuk derita.
Derita bukan untuk selamanya.
Jangan takut akan masa depan.

Only If You Hate Me

You are that tall while i'm so small.
I'm not so funny and have no money.
I'm so in trouble and i feel so sorry.
Mary come and go make me feel so lonely.
Are you sure that you are so happy?
If you are not that beautiful, they might be so blind.
Everyday and everynight i booze off to sleep.
Trying to keep what i have but i can't.
Oh well so high above in the sky.
You are young but i don't want to go on the run.
Raiding here and there looking for it.
Looking for something that i don't have.
What for?
We shall plant those flowers by the road.
So the rain can ease the pain.
Please heal me and kill me silently.
No one to be blame.
I'm just a soldier but not a doctor.

This Is It!

"This Is The Worst Blog Ever!"
- Doug Stan -

An Unidentified Flying Object

Let's fly like the blue bird.
Like waves on the blue sea.
Don't you try to love me.
Cause i will say goodbye.
Don't you say that you like me.
Cause i can't stand next to you.
I just want you to guide me.
So i can fly for free.
I walk alone on the sand field.
Crying for the sunlight.
To eat those funny maggots.
Without any strings against us.
Feeling those wind till today.
To be your friend forever.
Don't you tie me down.
Let us be free.

Threat Of Democrazy?

Sekiranya rakyat memilih mereka, saya akan menerima mereka.
Inilah demokrasi yang sebenar.
Akan tetapi masih ramai yang tidak memahami apakah ertinya demokrasi.
Ini adalah kerana mereka tidak mampu untuk menerima hakikat sebenar.
Apa yang penting?
Akan tetapi bukan untuk mereka.
Perjuangan mereka hanya satu.
Lawan Tetap Lawan?