Let Me Down All Night Long

Don't steal my street.
I will keep your secret under the pillow.
Let me inside no cause at all.
I promise to you no harm tonight.
For anyone today we get together.
Don't let me down.
Watching your movie with those light.
Storm outside pour you down.
You can cross the line without fire.
Nobody feel like this.
There is nobody.
I could give you.
My soul and my blood.
I'm not your perfect match.
No party no more.
I got to go on.
You can stay if you want to.
Only with the wild.
You can shoot me.
But not me.
I don't wanna be yesterday hero.
As we can't get together now.
All this while don't you feel bad in my shoe.
This is my face.
Just be what you wanna be.