Where Is Kampong Glam?

This is what i want.
It's in my soul.
It's what i need.
It's time for us.
Flipping through a thrift store magazine.
Drinking the bottle in my pocket.
I'm gonna make you notice.
That i've been driving without emotion.
Cause i'm gonna make you see.
There's nothing else here.
Stay if you want to stay.
Don't be shy away.
Making up.
Breaking up.
What do you care?
I know that i'm so special.
I got the rhythm.
I got the beat.
Where is your attention?
Give it to me.
Stay if you love me.
Like lovers do.
On your TeeVee screen.
Let's make it for a scene.
It's all i need.
It's Rock 'n' Roll for me.
Oh wake me up! Wake me up!

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