The Good Old Days

It has been a while.
For more than 4 month.
For the last 2 years we enjoy those days.
Since our college days.
There it goes.
We used to drink.
We used to go around Kuala Lumpur.
All over it.
What a nice day.
On my motorbike.
End up at Laundry Bar.
Keep on drinking and having fun.
With the music going on.
Live band and so on.
This is still our favourite.
Although we drink Tiger for the show.
As Guinness Stout standing still.
A long journey back make us to stay strong.
Go through the cemetery.
And there we are.
We go for the job together.
In Miri before.
Few month after that.
There the news.
He going to Kuching.
We still standing with our past.
As Peggy said she like you.
But you love your wife too much.
That is so funny.
Life just like a train.
A long way to go.
And survive it all.
All the best with your life.

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