Sekarang Dan Selama-Lamanya

It's 3.49a.m. now.
I'm still awake.
Few month been away from this blog.
Now i'm back.
To get something new.
Been busy with my latest project.
Still work on it.
Hopefully can be done by this year end.
The target is there.
Need some supporter also here.
Can they can stand along with us?
If you have that small heart, you will.
I'm big here to help the smaller ones.
Who will be there if not us to stand with them.
We can imagine how the future will be.
Some people may think that they need money for it.
Not for me.
Even every religion teach us to be with them.
Not to force them into another way that we and them don't want it to be.
We can change it.
Believe it God.
That the truth in our life.

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