Breaking The Habit

Three of us went out that night.
Just to see how wild the night is.
Got the front seat near the entrance.
Order some beer.
Beer just like a plain water for me.
Try out the new ones.
Looking for the best.
See all the women around us.
Good from the outside.
With the fresh air.
But how about the inner of them?
Are they the same?
Caught two glass of beer and hanging around.
To see how smart they are.
The truth is, they still the same.
Open up your mind.
I saw this old lady.
Must be married already.
Stumble with an old man.
Businessman maybe.
Come from separate car.
Sit in one chair.
Who are they?
Sure this one what we called scandalous.
Married and divorced.
Is that the truth?
Getting wild on the hot chair.
Do you see what i see.
I'm having cigar here.
Who am i?
I am what i am.

6 komen:

annyss said...

i like this post

Felix 'The Big E' Trinidad said...

thanks yea...

meryllpearl said...

uuu i like the 'getting wild on the hot chair' turn it into some lyrics.bes tu.hahaha

Felix 'The Big E' Trinidad said...

we will see.
im not that while tho.

tiha. said...

hey,nice post!

Felix 'The Big E' Trinidad said...

thanks tiha.
dis is wad i c.