Cass McCombs

Anyone know him.
I've stumble upon a wall here.
Domino Record always the best to give you the best.
Last few days, me and Pearl talking about the music.
Youtube the place.
Cause i love the live ones.
Not the fake ones.
Sure people here will say that Liyana Jasmay too bad.
For me too.
I do listen to Snow Patrol.
Leona Lewis do the cover there.
Open up your ear for Zee Avi too.
From Miri move to Kuala Lumpur.
United Kingdom she goes.
Now a record deal with Brushfire Records.
The States.
I found Cass McCombs.
With the Country sound.
Here the video.

Dreams Come True Girl.
Is this the fate.
Can we change it?
Can we?

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