My Single

My word speak my mind.
The word keep us stay.
Remind me of everyting.
Too formal here.
This single not my song.
Still doing my new ones.
People hard to understand the situation here.
I mean my music and my sound.
I love Coldplay.
Only the music here.
Not the word.
Try to make the investment.
Hollymood just to see how my mood going on.
Is it okay or not?
How about you there.
I prefer to do all the song in the album to be single.
But, i still don't know what it is.
Like Butterfingers.
Do what they want.
But i'm not Kurt Cobain fan.
You speak what you see.
I still remember Butterfingers.
They said they don't do music in Malay.
So fuck off.
Same as Najib Altantuya.
Racism for him.
Fuck The Government.

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