It's Not The First Time

Life of a musician.
Struming the guitar.
Keep up with the key.
I've started with my piano class.
Trying to learn more.
The tune or the tone.
Is it the same?
I'm not that rich.
Try to be one but i can't.
I live in kL before.
Set up a new life.
To see the whole world.
Have a drink.
Love to be alone.
Got the freedom.
Feel the music in the air.
I listen to the soft one.
In to the pop.
I do it pop up.
I'm not a clubber.
I ever went to Zouk.
Nothing there.
Anywhere you go, it's still the same.
I don't dance.
I've caught in the middle of nowhere.
My night at The Starhill.
Having my cigar.
Listen to the music.
Anyone into it?
Mia Palencia?
I went to hear d sound at Miri International Jazz festival 2009.
I've been trying so hard for Penang ones before.
Just that i'm too busy with others.
Making money.
Trying to survive those days.
While i'm study, i'm still working.
I'm not that rich.
I'm just a working class hero.
Everyting worth it.
Don't mess with it.

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